The best decision maker for your animals health care is YOU, THE INFORMED OWNER! We believe that you should see the value of our services as clear as day. Below you will find what is included in our services, then, you will be able to see the value that we place in your decision to entrust the care of your furry family members to our care. THANK YOU!

Wellness/Illness Exam

A wellness/illness exam starts with a verbal history given by you by answering some questions about your pets daily life/environment/current medications and then includes a complete physical examination, the veterinarian examines your animal from nose-to-tail for any changes or abnormalities. A stethoscope is used to listen to the heart and lungs (and gut sounds), an veterinary otoscope allows a visual inspection of the inside of the ears, and an ophthalmoscope is used to examine the eyes. Your pet will also be examined all over for lumps and bumps. In addition, your pet’s vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration) and current weight will be recorded.