Routine wellness for our companion animals includes keeping then free from both internal and external parasites.

To do this we use medications that treat/control and/or prevent one or more of these different parasites. There are products that must be given monthly or every three months by mouth or on the skin. There are even injectable medications that are give only 1 – 2 times a year! Unfortunately there is no one size fits all product recommendation. Morriston Veterinary Services has your pets best health in mind when we recommend a product for your furry family member.

Heartworm/flea/tick/intestinal parasite prevention is usually recommended starting at 6-8 weeks of age. Both cats and dogs can be infected with both internal and external parasites. It takes a lot fewer parasites for cats to get really ill compared with dogs. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos, intestinal parasites are found naturally in the environment. Roundworms & hookworms can even infect puppies and kittens even before they are born from their mother!on prevention! Fleas and ticks not only make our pets uncomfortable they harbor blood parasites that can be transmitted to dogs and cats when they bite them. Prevention is the key! Treatment of an infection is much more expensive that preventing that same infection.

In general, for young animals that are growing rapidly we recommend purchasing prevention monthly after regular weight checks to ensure the proper size preventative. After youngsters have reached adult size (or almost) multiple months can be purchased at one time.

There are over 35 different products from which to choose from for both dogs and cats, so we’ve done the research and made it a little easier for you by narrowing down the field to the medications we think are the most effective an best value for our clients.  The following chart gives you the breakdown on our picks for your convenience: