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Do you have pet health insurance?

Having pet health insurance can help you remove barriers to following our healthcare recommendations for your
pet. In our practice, we’re always mindful about how much treatment will cost, and we’ll work with you to come up
with treatment and payment plans that work for your family and your pet. Having pet health insurance is one good
way to plan in advance for your pets’ healthy and happy future.

Our practice is happy to work with any pet health insurance plan you choose.

Our practice can’t endorse a specific pet health insurance company or direct you to a particular policy type,
but we can share information about what to consider and what kinds of questions to ask.

Pet health insurance is an actual insurance product, not just a savings plan.

That means covered services are paid for at a rate predetermined by the insurance company. You should be able
to learn from your insurance provider what is and isn’t covered in your plan to minimize any surprises.

Our practice doesn’t receive any direct financial benefit from any pet health insurance companies.

It may be unethical, and potentially illegal, for us to promote a pet health insurance company in which we have
a financial interest. Our practice is paid only for the care we provide for your pet—whether or not you have pet
insurance. We share information about pet health insurance because it may help you make healthcare decisions
for your pet without cost getting in the way of the care you would like us to provide.


Q: How do I know whether services needed for my pet will be covered?

A: As with any insurance product, you’ll need to read the policy carefully to know which services are covered and which
are excluded. Contact your insurance agent with specific questions.

Q: Does pet health insurance cover pre-existing conditions, and can it exclude specific breeds?

A: Coverage is determined by the specific policy you purchase. Most policies won’t cover pre-existing conditions, and they
may have other exclusions as well. That’s why we recommend reading the policy carefully and asking the insurance company about your pet specifically before you buy.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: The American Veterinary Medical Association has information that can help you. Find it at
You also can find more information from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.