Whether by plane, train or automobile…


Dr. Victoria is an USDA Level II accreditated veterinarian. As such she can help her patients travel worldwide! Depending on where animals need to go there is paperwork and diagnostics that may need to be done before travel. We recommend as soon as travel is proposed contact us so that we can help plan the proper timeline to help your animals travel.

LIVESTOCK almost always require testing and a permanent form of identification before travel. Travel with livestock is not a quick last minute decision! 

The State of Florida operates 23 agricultural inspection stations to protect Florida’s agriculture and ensure a safe food supply. There’s a station on every paved highway going into and out of the state.  The stations are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Agriculture Stations are staffed by law enforcement officers whose main duty is to prevent plant and animal pests and diseases and unsafe food from entering Florida.

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From pigs to the Bahamas:

Tests & paperwork good to go, from the U.S. Breeder loaded in truck:

To the airport to load on the plane:

All buckled in ready to go to their new Caribbean home:

Beautiful weather for flying!:

Smooth landing!:

Ready to get their Ja’mon as Bahamians!