Did you get your list done this month?

Here’s a reminder of best practices for August from IFAS.UFL.EDU

  • Treat for liver flukes as close to August 15th as possible, if they are in your area.
  • Cut hay.
  • Apply lime for fall and winter crops.
  • Harvest Bahiagrass seed
  • Check mineral feeder.
  • Update market information and marketing plans.
  • Check for army worms, spittlebugs, and mole crickets, and treat if necessary.
  • Check dust bags.
  • Wean calves and cull cow herd.
  • Watch for evidence of abortions.
  • Observe animals regularly for signs of disease.
  • If cattle grubs were found on cattle last winter or heel flies were observed in the pasture, treat for cattle grubs
    this month.
  • Pregnancy test and cull open heifers from replacement herd.

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